Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Reasons People Can't Invest

Here are a few more reasons people say they can't take control of their investing.

"You can't time the market!"
Many would say this is true, but my experience is different.  Because some people don't  know how, that doesn't make it impossible.  

"I don't know where to start - there are so many unanswered questions!"
Questions are good.  First, practise.  Start small.  Seek help.  

"I know lots of people who have lost half their life savings!"
Does that mean you will?  Was it during the last great recession, perhaps? What if I told you there was a better method?

"It's too difficult!"
Most people would also say that about learning to ride a bike, or learning to skate.  It isn't so bad once you know how.  Mostly, it takes a willingness to try.

"Lousy timing!"
The sooner one begins, the greater the returns.

"Too time consuming!"
The amount of time required is largely proportional to the level of return desired.  Significant gains can still be achieved with a relatively small investment of time.

"Doesn't work for me!"
We are all different, but others like you have already learned to be successful.

"It's too much like gambling!"
While investing is like gambling in that the law of probabilities is involved, the odds are stacked against the gambler, whereas they favour the informed investor.

"If it is that easy, then why isn't everyone doing it?"
We only need to figure out what works for us.  Let others do their own thing.  Without them, there would be no market.

"You are not a professional, why would I listen to you?"
Neither have I any conflicts of interest.  I cannot advise people what they should do, but, I can share what I have learned over almost 20 years in the stock market.

Any other reasons I have missed?

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