Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bill Strazzullo - Year End 2011

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BNN interviews Bill Strazzullo from Bell Curve Trading.

He thinks high unemployment and excess production capacity is holding back the U.S. economy.  Add Europe to the mix and he is fairly cautious (despite a great October in the markets).  He feels any good news is already factored into the markets with "little upside and a lot of downside".  He sees the stimulus-fueled recovery as a bear market correction, not a new bull market.  The high correlation in major markets leads him to think we are trading on fear.  He correctly called the 10 - 15 percent correction we saw in the markets this summer.  Now, he sees us at the upper end of a range - time to be cautious.

Personally, I see the markets lining up for a bit of a possible short-term year-end rally.  Other than that, I could not agree more.

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