Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bill Strazzullo - Contrarian?

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Contrarian, or not, Bill Strazzullo from Bell Curve Trading is most definitely defensive. If you watch the video you will also hear him say that he expects rates at the long end of the U.S. yield curve to drop “significantly”. Of course a drop in rates means an increase in bond prices. Like him, I am also more concerned about the possibility of a deflationary, rather than an inflationary event, in the shorter term. I also think his suggestion to wait before trying to continue buying on dips is advice that I will take seriously.

How cautious/defensive are you presently? 


  1. I back tested your advice for the 200 day moving average theory, and was fascinated how well that system panned out! Now, currently most market indices are below the 200ma except for the US ones - they are right close to it. The next few days will be make or break ..... Do you consider other indices other than the tsx?

  2. @Anonymous
    Myself, I use the iShares Emerging Markets ETF (XEM or EEM), and the S&P500 for my overall buy/sell signals outside of the TSX. I avoid being long anything that is below it's own 200ma.

  3. @Anonymous
    P.S. Thanks for the question.


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