Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 2012 Returns

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Seasonality at this time of year favours Energy, Gold, Agriculture and Natural Gas.  The heat wave has done it's part in driving up the price of Natural Gas.  Energy companies and Agriculture have also shown some signs of improvement.  I continue to watch gold closely for signs of a turn-around.  Despite the political rhetoric, I remain unconvinced we have seen the worst in this year's markets. I see opportunities for profitable trades, but am still monitoring the 200-day moving averages closely.  The TSX index remains below it's 200-day moving average while, currently, the U.S. markets seem to have their 200-day moving average as the bottom of a trading range.

19 month return for TSX @ July 31, 2012 = -13.32 percent
Return for Basic Timing Model Using XIU =     8.41 percent
Return for Advanced Timing Model =             -4.36 percent
Money for charity =                                        $0.00


  1. If you're not investing now, then where is your money? If you were invested in top quality blue chip Canadian dividend stocks, then you'd be at least earning some tax advantaged income. Sounds to me like you've got enough income coming in from your pension and CPP/OAS.

    1. Thanks for the question. The short answer is my money is mostly in cash. I will provide more of an explanation in my next post, tomorrow.


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