Friday, February 24, 2012

Nature Or Nuture?

More Than Our Genes
Apparently we not only get to blame our poor looks on our parents, a Swedish study, mentioned in this video, says we can also blame our poor investing habits on them, as well - at least in part.  I agree with Mr Zweig, however, when he says we can learn to be more than our genes.  I think it goes back to an older post I did, where I talked about the difference between personality traits, and character traits.  Every personality, I believe, is capable of developing character traits such as patience, kindness, and self control.

A Simple and Reliable Approach
Mr. Zweig also suggests we can learn to manage our emotions over the course of many years.  I would suggest following a reliable, and simple investing strategy that actually works, as a superior approach - it doesn't have to take as long to learn.  A reliable method removes much of the emotion.  It is the emotion that gets most of us into trouble.  Also, the simpler it is, the quicker and easier it is to master.  Of course, there's always the old Buy and Hold approach, where we, basically, do nothing.  I suppose that is the best approach for some people.

Any opinions?  Is nature to blame, or can we outsmart even our genes?

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